We carve the way

Over 30 years of


We make business by developing projects in the area of electronics engineering and telecommunications, with capacity for manufacturing equipments, installing, integrating and maintaining systems within the ICT as whole.

DYNASYS ENGENHARIA E TELECOMUNICAÇÕES, S.A. gathers a team of Electronics Engineers working together for over 30 years.
The Human and Technical Capital within Dynasys have been developing equipments and software for application areas as diverse as:

Road Telematics

Dynasys became leader in Portugal in the segment of Emergency Call Systems for highways with its System TELIS®, which is also exported into other countries.

Remote Metering And Control

In this field Dynasys develop and manufactures a diversity of GSM/GPRS modems, destined to retrieve information at distance, and for process remote control.

Special Projets

Area where Dynasys develops tailor-made modules and solutions in several segments, as for AFC, queuing management, or Multimedia kiosks.

Tracking permanently the evolution of the base technologies, Dynasys is in position for responding updatedly to a wide range of challenges, serving the market with its holistic experience in developing and producing electronic based equipments, matching the specifications and characteristics demanded by the Customers.

We can proudly say that we are permanently asked for helping the future.