Who we are


ynasys is a Portuguese incorporated company that designs, develops and manufactures electronic based equipment, and integrates systems, not only for the professional market, but also around some telematics and automation solutions for the consumer market.

The everyday more demanding marketplace constantly launches new challenges to the creativity and inventiveness of experts, leading to the need for a constantly renewed response capacity. Framed in this picture, Dynasys, since 1986, with its solid team, answers to the challenges from its Customers with advantageous, innovative and technologically updated solutions.

Dynasys’ assets ensure the capacity for serving end-to-end solutions – design, development, manufacture, assembly, shipment, installation, commissioning, after sales support – either on the basis of a technical dossier brought by the Customer, or simply from the functional description of the equipamento or system that the Customer needs to get.


Shaping the future with technology


To ensure a consistent supply of equipments and integration services in the our segments of action, with innovative solutions, combining the internal knowledge in the fields of Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies with national and international partnerships, creating maximum sustainable value for shareholders, employees and customers, through an effective and efficient presence in Portugal and abroad, working to be recognized by the enthusiasm and commitment with which we respond to the challenges brought up by the Customers.


  • We strive for FAIRNESS and TRANSPARENCY in all relationships
  • We pride ourselves on our SUITABILITY and CREDIBILITY
  • We value PEOPLE
  • We are DETERMINED before adversity and RESPONSIBLE face to success

A little of our history

2001. Creation of Dynasys – Engenharia e Telecomunicações, SA

2002. First achievement in RFID

2004. First award in an international tender abroad – in Tunis – to provide a TELIS® System – Emergency Call System for highways

2006. Second reference project in RFID

2007. First steps in Mechatronics

2007. Development of a battery charger powered by solar energy

2008. Supply of LED information panels for a project in Serbia

2008. First supply of a TELIS® system out of Portugal, in Europe – Dynasys first VoIP system (“Voice over Internet Protocol”)

2009. Development and manufacture of a GSM/GPRS Modem for EDP (Portuguese leading company in the energy sector)

2009. Consolidating the presence in foreign countries

2010. Dynasys moves into new facilities

2011. Adaptation of TELIS® system for urban use, in Setúbal

2013. Another significant step in the presence of Dynasys outside of Portugal

2015. Refurbishment of BRISA’s ERTS network (BRISA is the major highway concessionary in Portugal)

2016. New fields of activity



ynasys’ Quality Policy establishes the Administration goals regarding the quality of its services and products. It can be summarized as all activities to be carried out must be performed properly and achieve customers’ absolute satisfaction. The quality policy is disseminated to the entire organization, by being posted in strategic locations.

Dynasys’ Quality Policy frames the Quality Management System (QMS) and is defined by the following principles, according to the diagram:

  • Satisfaction of the explicit and implicit needs of Dynasys’ internal and external customers, thus ensuring their loyalty;
  • Involvement of all Dynasys’ employees, who are an plunged in the QMS, and are responsible for it;
  • Continuous improvement of Dynasys’ performance, as a result of a continuous process for improvement, always guaranteeing compliance with legal and customer requirements.

Working conditions’ indicators

Year 2017 2018 2019 2020
Company’s Minimum Wage / National Minimum Wage 1,00 1,00 1,00 1,00
No. of Executives / Total 15,8% 17,6% 13,5% 13,0%
No. of Graduates / Total 42,1% 29,4% 31,5% 52,2%
No. of Women / Total 26,3% 47,1% 40,5% 30,4%

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