italProvid is a modern and technologically advanced system, consisting of a device for recording vital signs (LoggerOne) and a kit of cables, for collecting ECG data (from one, five and twelve leads), Lung Expansion (from the RA electrodes (Right Arm) and LA (Left Arm), also used for the ECG), SpO² (placed on a finger or an ear) and Skin Temperature (with a dedicated cable for this purpose).

LoggerOne acquires and filters vital signs, inertia data and estimates SpO² levels, recording all data on a Micro SD memory card, which can be later retrieved. This recorder also includes inertial sensors (Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope), with the main objective of verifying the patient’s movements during the exam, but which can also be used to detect Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and falls related to Elderly Care . Logger algorithms include motion sensor data fusion (Euler). It has an average autonomy of 48h in active exam.

The VitalProvid System also includes a Gateway Application for Android mobile devices, with which LoggerOne communicates via the Bluetooth protocol, transferring the collected data to a Backoffice in the Cloud, for further treatment and remote analysis.


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