Germicidal Cabinet


VC-based disinfection equipment, for disinfecting all types of objects such as computer equipment, tools, medical instruments, metal, glass, plastic objects, clothing and footwear, among others. Applicable to all types of Stores, Offices, Industry, Education and Health buildings.

UVC rays damage the RNA and DNA of microorganisms, making viral particles non-viable and making bacteria unable to replicate. UVCs act on all parts exposed to radiation, they do not act on unexposed areas (shade areas) and act proportionally in the case of areas of partial shade.

Allows to neutralize more than 99.95% of viral particles (including SARS-CoV-2), bacteria and other microorganisms present on the surfaces of objects, having the antiviral activity, relative to SARS-CoV-2, verified by the Institute of Medicine Molecular (Lisbon, Portugal).

The System consists of the disinfection cabinet, where the disinfected items are registered, and also a bar code reader (handheld terminal), where the delivered items are registered (for example, clothes to be tried on in the changing rooms), and where if you can characterize the people who receive the pieces. The system has software for the cabinet, software for the handheld terminal, management software, support software and an API for integration, for example with an ERP.

The Cabinet has 4 1200 mm 36W lamps placed on the 4 corners of the cabinet. The entire interior of the cabinet, as well as the light fittings, are mirrored in order to increase the incident power on the objects to be disinfected and also to reduce shadow areas. The cabinet has a security system that prevents the lights from working if the door is open.

  • Zinc plate cabinet, 2mm thick, with electrostatic painting and Polycarbonate door
  • UVC: 4 x 36W UVC lamps (1200mm)
  • Rotation Motor for Fixing a Hanger
  • Removable Shelves (4)
  • 7″ touch monitor
  • Barcode reader
  • Operating Signal Light
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Exterior dimensions: 810 x 810 x 1850 (mm)
  • Interior dimensions: 620 x 620 x 1500 (mm)
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