he weather station is another crucial system in road safety scheme, as it provides information about the weather, as well as some peculiarities about the road conditions, which help drivers to decide about the driving rhythm, and on precautions to be taken.

A weather station is composed by two main segments: a data logger, prepared for sensors to be connected to it, and a variety of sensors, such as:

  • Pluviometer (measuring the amount of rainfall);
  • Anemometer (measures the intensity and direction of the wind);
  • Air temperature and relative humidity sensor;
  • Visibilimeter (indicates the depth of visibility, when there is fog);
  • Road conditions sensor (indicates the thickness of the water film when it rains, when the road surface has dew or snow, or if it is frozen, …);
  • Pyrometer (measures the thermal radiation of surface without requiring physical contact).

The integration unit may communicate data via land line or wireless. Because of its low power consumption, a weather station may be placed in remote locations, requiring only a low capacity solar power system, even thinking that there may be lack of natural light for a significant amount of days.

Dynasys has already integrated in TELIS® software the data transaction with a comprehensive weather station from an expert company in this field. Yet Dynasys is available for performing such integration with equipments/systems from other vendors. This means that we can develop a graphic interface under your specs, or providing the middleware allowing the connectivity to your supervision software.


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