he Increasing quantity and diversity of products circulating in the market, the competition between the different actors in the value chain, in particular between logistics operators, have stimulated manufacturers of products and equipment in this segment to seek for solutions for increasing the speed of operations, helping at the same time to increase process efficiency.

Without wanting to eliminate universally proven means for identification, as it is, for instance, the bar code, RFID technology, referring to both passive and active solutions, has an increasingly comprehensive and solid presence in all segments of the value chain. It starts with the manufacturers in production management, goes through storage and shipment, as well as in transportation, for ensuring the audit of stocks, circulating goods and deliveries to the point of sale, as much as possible in real time, for permanent and more effective inventory management.

RFID brings higher levels of automation and increasing of speed and flexibility in processes. Together with the fact that the tags, active or passive, can be prepared to work in environments with different degrees of aggressiveness, this technology allow a higher level of integration of different processes, as well as a higher fluidity and trust in intermodal areas, where the integration of several partners is desirable and beneficial.

Dynasys has the knowledge and experience allowing to actively listening to you and proposing the solutions – products and systems – that best fit to your particular needs. Whether using passive systems or proposing active ones of own design and manufacture, Dynasys understands the customer as an active partner of the project, for the sake of better match, technology – process.


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