New collaboration between iMM and the companies Dynasys & IDMind

 In Dynasys

iMM started a new collaboration with Dynasys & IDMind to study the antiviral efficacy of their UVC lamps against the virus SARS-CoV-2. The tests performed ensured UVC-treatment successfully inactivated the virus on non-porous surfaces.

The technology tested will be applied to four different disinfection systems: robots, closets, air purifiers and manual systems. The robot, which moves automatically, includes eight UVC lamps of 30W, different sensors able to detect objects, and it is energetically autonomous for at least 5 hours. The UVC disinfection closet allows the disinfection of different objects, that are registered as disinfected through a bar code reader and that, when given to someone, switch for “not disinfected” through a manual register device. The air purifier includes a tubular structure with UVC lamps and a fan that allows the air to flow from 6 to 12 times per hour. Lastly, the disinfection manual system allows the manual disinfection of surfaces.

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