n this segment Dynasys provides and integrates in its systems equipment and solutions from world renowned manufacturers, as result of their quality, continuous updating and experience gained in decades, based on the diversity of solutions, in response to specific legislation for vehicle classes in different countries.

Dynasys is prepared to provide and install from the simplest systems, removable, normally used to study traffic flows, to the permanent systems, multi-band, self calibrated, ready to identify a wide range of vehicle classes, or for weighing heavy vehicles running at speeds up to 140Km / h.

The range of uses is therefore wide:

  • Research on traffic flows;
  • Works on the road, where you need to keep count when fixed systems are off;
  • Fixed sets for global traffic management;
  • Escape ramps on highways
  • Parking lots

The data collected by the road side equipment can be delivered to a central system, either through a removable memory, or by sending it automatically, based on pre-programmed scheduling, through an Ethernet over UTP cable or Fiber Optic, or via wireless communications, whether through GPRS / Gx,  whether via radio networks.

Each type of equipment/system takes with it the respective parameterization, collection and data processing software, ensuring integration with higher-ranking systems.


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