he automatic incident detection systems are especially used in road safety in tunnels. The detection in real time of abnormal situations is a decisive contribution to the activation of emergency procedures and accident prevention, avoiding potentially tragic situations.

Among other situations, AID systems are extraordinarily effective in detecting:

  • Traffic congestion,
  • Vehicles circulating against normal direction,
  • Stopped vehicles,
  • Fallen load,
  • Improper circulation of pedestrians,
  • Abnormal smoke emission

Dramatically improved in recent years, as a result of advances in digital video technology, such system is already used in controlling the traffic lights as an effective feed of adaptive control algorithms in real time, with two essential advantages:

  • They are non-intrusive systems; therefore avoiding works on the road, always necessary when loops’ systems are at stake;
  • And allow viewing crossings as a whole, as any other kind of junctions, therefore assuring simultaneously the surveillance of the respective area.

The systems provided by Dynasys results out of the work started in 1982 by a research group at the University of Leuven in Belgium, being now a world reference in the framework of traffic analysis through video images, with applications, more than 18,000 around the world, supported on patented technology.


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