Emergency call systems for motorways

In 1986, the engineering team that is now part of Dynasys, has developed its first generation of Emergency Communications System for highways.

From the first phone system, where the communications were through copper cable, over the years Dynasys has made successive adaptations to the newcoming technologies – both in terms of communication standards and media – passing through optical fiber or GSM/GPRS, being able to be powered from land lines or solar panels.

Central system for operation and supervisor

The TELIS® software, also developed by Dynasys, not only allows the remote management of the SOS phones’ network – status and alarms monitoring, storage and management of events in databases, automatic testing from the central etc.. – as well as it has an human interface, from which the operators of the concessionary will perform all actions related to attendance and management of the emergency calls.

Through user-friendly and intuitive menus, the operators may also ask for different types of reports, and the supervisors may define different access profiles, according to the security levels established by the organization.

Dynasys in the world

The Dynasys has already installed more than 2,000 units of this equipment, not only in Portugal, where it is a LEADER. We have this system installed in other countries as  Spain, Tunisia, Greece, Chile and, soon, in many others.